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Broni Likomanov
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Los Angeles
Artist Statement

Figure Movement/ Symbolism

The primary interest in my paintings, drawings and sculptures is the human.  I intentionally strip my artwork from any particular time and space, and place all the attention on the characters and his/her emotions.  I have always been fascinated by the movement of the human body and how even a single frame of one continuous movement can tell a whole story.   By removing the backgrounds, the figures are in constant motion – coming out and dissipating in the canvas void. 


In my works most of the time I’m using the classical/traditional media- oil paints, charcoal and acrylics for two-dimensional works and bronze for sculptures. Often, I’m working with my fingers - there’s something very soothing in the tactile sensation of touching the material you are working with. It’s like art meditation.


I like to give the viewer a thought-provoking artwork, without consciously following any particular style.  Some of my works I see as Contemporary Figurative Expressionism.

Based on one of the most famous Greek Myth, Daedalus holds a feather from his son, Icarus' wings, after his death from flying too close to the sun. His eyes are filled with guilt and sorrow.
Broni Likomanov
The clown in the painting can represent any performer, actor or individual who has to put on a mask and perform in front of people. In this artwork, the clown is literally putting on a smile with face paint to hide his true emotions.
Broni Likomanov
Suitcase #1
Everyone has his/her "old suitcase" filled with the most precious "memories" and "dreams" to carry thru one's journey.
Broni Likomanov
Artist Bio

Broni Likomanov was born in Sofia, Bulgaria, where he studied Fine Art and Design at High School for Apply Arts and went to receive his degree in Animation and Filmmaking from the National Academy of Theatre and Film Arts.  Broni is currently living in Studio City, CA with his wife and children. He has been working for some of the major studios such as Universal and Walt Disney.

While classically trained in the traditions of the Eastern European Fine Art, Broni Likomanov's thought-provoking paintings, sculptures and drawings executed with bold lines and impulsive pallet knife strokes, extend into the realm of Contemporary Figurative Expressionism.

His original artwork can be found in private collections in the United States, Netherlands, Belgium, Hungary, Canada, and Bulgaria.

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