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Monifa Kincaid
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United States of America
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Monifa is a self-taught artist who is always open to exploration. Her work is centered around inspiration gathered from meditation experiences in the form of, intuitive messages, exercises in self-love, healing past trauma, experiences with nature, colorful visions and sage advice and conversations with spiritual people. She works primarily in oil pastel, colored pencils and watercolor.

Self Portrait
This work is a reflection of direct communication with nature that held special messages of encouragement, love and abundance during a period of time that sometimes felt like isolation and heartbreak.
Artist: Monifa Kincaid
Note: This work is meant to be viewed in a vertical manner. At the time of me uploading the image, it appears to be displayed in a horizontal manner, which is incorrect. Please view it in a vertical sense. Thank You.
Up and Over
This work was born out of a guided meditation. I was listening to a live group meditation and during the session, we were told that there was a wall in our way in the distance. We were asked to envision how we would overcome this obstacle. After the session was over, there was a verbal share out of our experience. I had expressed to the leader of the session that the wall was not an obstacle and somehow during the meditation I found myself floating right over the wall and flying in the air. I was passing over the wall and over what felt like the an ocean. It felt like I was hang gliding and so this became the theme for this piece. This session was during period of time that I felt physically restricted but spiritually free and limitless.
Artist: Monifa Kincaid
Artist Bio

I was a dance educator and performed professionally as a contemporary dancer, tap dancer and choreographer for 16 years. My life was dance until the summer of 2016; at the age of 40 my physical body had had enough. Although performing was no longer an option for me, I still felt the need to be creative and express myself in any way I could. I explored a variety of art-forms. I explored vegan baking, sewing and learning about the fashion industry, jewelry making and curating artisan vendor markets in Brooklyn.  Life has its twists and turns; I also found myself leaving my full-time arts education job with the NYC Department of Education, leaving Brooklyn, moving to Maryland then on to Newark, NJ.

So, now what? I keep moving and find new ways to create.  One day I decided to do a 30-day meditative and creative challenge.  Each day there was an assignment; it began with a free writing exercise about what creativity means to me. The next day’s assignment was to sketch something (can’t remember exactly).  It was at this moment that I remembered that I used to love to draw some twenty plus years ago. I didn’t even remember that I had any kind of skill in this area. I began sketching, learning and exploring. I am a work in progress. Welcome to my new art journey.

B.F.A. - The Univeresity of the Arts, Phila., P.A.

Contemporary Dance Performance

M.A. - The Laban Centre, London, U.K.

Dance in Education, Choreography

M.S. - Lehman College, Bronx, N.Y.

Early Childhood Education

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