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Susana Aldanondo
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I focus on Abstract Expressionism and Conceptual Art. Through my art, I express a deep connection to the immigrant identity and spirituality, appealing to deep feelings of connection to others while highlighting the strengths in others and the world around us. 
I create art that connects us to each other, being a voice to social and environmental issues in a way that highlights hope and connection, while appealing to the things we can all relate to:  music, passion, movement, the environment around us, our personal struggles, dreams, spirituality, individuality, joy, love. 
My hope is that my art can help break down the barriers of language, creed, labels and stereotypes that want to divide us, and encourage equal treatment, empathy and inclusion.
I root for the underdog, the underrepresented, the oppressed, the impoverished, the needy, the homeless, the common person, for the right to find a voice, immigrants everywhere, refugees, those hoping to be given a chance, everyone out there going through life and trying to make it.
My motto is: our differences are beautiful, they make us unique, diversity is an undeniable strength to any society, there is common ground and art can be the place where we can all meet as a first step to recognize our strengths, our uniqueness, our undeniable equality, to encourage inclusion, and find the beauty of each other - and that  gives me the most joy.

Melting Pot
Melting Pot
Diversity. Creating a scene of beauty, all contributing with their own unique colors and beauty. The beauty of the scenery lies within each individual as well as how they blend together as a group. A group of humans.
Energy. Blending. Belonging. Colorful. NYC.
Susana Aldanondo
Jazz In The Air
Jazz in The Air
The streets of NYC, with millions walking about, then time stands still for some, as the jazz in the air enters their senses.
Energy. Music. Joy. Diversity. Jazz. NYC.
Susana Aldanondo
Artist Bio

An immigrant and a New Yorker. Susana lived her whole life surrounded by the sounds of tango and the art her father made out of his small apartment in NYC.  Her father was an artist and muralist who sold his art to various restaurants and venues in NYC, and in the streets of Soho, NYC where she’d often accompany him during the summer months, leaving an inspirational mark on Susana. Her own experiences as an immigrant in New York City, the challenges attached to that identity, the contrast between life in the city and life in an isolating town in Vermont while facing adversity and having her identity as an immigrant and an American questioned while facing challenging situations was what inspired her to turn to art and to create art. Susana also turned to education to contribute to her art.

She uses her studies of Sociology and International Relations as a background to her approach to make statements through her art. She hopes to appeal to audiences across different cultural boundaries as she invites spectators to look beyond those boundaries through art, considering new and unexplored ways of seeing the world and each other.   Susana’s art also expresses the joy found in music, movement, energy, and the inner world we can connect to. Susana’s art aims to focus on the positives, the possibilities, the ‘what ifs’, the beauty found in our cultural differences through music, movement, and the doors that await and open when we are open minded, while maintaining a focus of our collective existence and experiences.

Susana’s art hopes to encourage everyone to challenge themselves to connect their own personal experiences to a much broader context; and step into a conscious and mindful path to connect with each other. Giving specific titles to her work and through gestural abstraction, splattered and dripped paint, large and thin strokes, straight lines and loose curvilinear forms , she creates movement and energy that stand out in her paintings.

Her art offers hope, joy, while looking at our human experience through a lens found in the most unexpected places, and within each of us. Her art encourages each person to keep an open mind, to look within, to look at each other and find common ground.

When she paints, Susana is inspired by music. She listens to jazz, tango, salsa, flamenco, and popular music, her art is inspired by the music she listens to while she paints inspiring her to paint movement, energy, joy.

“Growing up in New York City was an enriching experience that shaped how I see the world around me and how I value other cultures. It instilled a love and appreciation for diversity; and in the process it shaped my own identity.  

— Susana Aldanondo

Susana studied Social Sciences & International Policy with a focus in Northern Societies at Nord University (2016- 2019), leading to her Bachelor of Social Science in Circumpolar Studies. She earned a Translator & Interpreter certification from Hunter College, New York, while a student at Hunter College she took some art history classes. She also took art classes at The Art Students League in NYC, and took an art class offered by William Scharf.

Susana completed two different Certificate Ecology Programs focusing in Urban Ecology and Climate Change Science offered by Cornell University (2016-2018).
She recently participated of a course led by Lisa Mazzola through MOMA NYC focusing in Abstract Art Exploration concentrating in the areas of Art and Identity and Art within Society as avenues to explore art as a way to express an idea about the world around us and as a way to represent ourselves and others within any given societal setting. Art and Identity Studies focused on artists such as Frida Kahlo, Pablo Picasso, Ellen Gallagher, Vincent Van Gogh, Salvador Dali, Zarina Hashni, among others. Her study of Art within Society focused in a migrations series through artists such as Dorothea Lange, Jacob Lawrence, Faith Ringgold, and Shahzia Sikander, among others.

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