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Scent of Broqpa

Broqpa is the name of a small village in Nepal. The artist first learned of it from a TV documentary, The Last Empire. Everyday the women in Broqpa - living at the end of the Silk Road - work to grow flowers in their gardens. Because they live surrounded by mountains of stone, they call flowers, love. Their love is the power for them to survive in this sterile environment. The artist’s work starts from sharing their attitude toward life and the people around her. The artist wishes to share it with the hope of showing the scent of Broqpa in which a tiny thing called flower is a trigger for finding happiness. The English anthropologist Jack Goody told us that there are diverse flower cultures in the world, dependent on regions in the culture of flowers where there is no place without a flower. And as a flower is impractical, its aesthetic nature is closer to the spiritual world than the material world. Especially in religion a flower represents the devotion of a living being to a god instead of blood sacrifice. A flower refers to thanks to the god (and a will to practice) in various countries including India, Nepal, and Thailand. The artist chooses a flower not to represent a religious meaning but for simple happiness.

 “Can we be happy with flowers?” Today’s society can achieve many things with money, so the criterion of happiness sometimes depends on money. Money makes everything easy and convenient. Therefore, many people today do not find happiness with small things. Maybe it is a process, but a flower can be an object to record and find happiness rather than having consumption for the sake of consumption. The artist processes her work to feel the spiritual joy called happiness as in the spirit of Broqpa. The Scent of Broqpa has been a series working with twins, single mothers, seniors, and multi-cultural and various age groups since 2016.
Twins Project –  This Project has grown since May, 2016. The artist takes photos and videos of her twin daughters. They show the harmony of nature and children, representing the most pure things on earth. The work emphasizes the moment of intense joy or an ashamed expression; the work follows the growth of the twin children. If possible, the artist wants to collaborate with local children when being involved with the flower market of the world project.
Single Mother Project – The artist hopes to give positive experience and memory to parents and children by collaborating in her work with a neglected and socially weak class. Collaborating with Holt Children’s Services Inc., the project interviews eight single mothers at the Charming Garden community for single mothers in the Gyeonggi office. The interviews were conducted with five families, a total ten people in May 2018. 1~2 people were photographed in June and July. In case the flowers harm children, they were collaged on top of the photographs. The issues of portrait rights, shooting, distribution, and publication were discussed. In the future, an exhibition will show them with women in various age groups to avoid the issues of portrait rights and prejudice. Also, with the concern of portrait rights, the project had been privately exhibited at the Gyeonggi office of Holt Children’s Services Inc. from September 1 to 8. After the exhibition, the works were sent to each family as a gift. The artist plans to work with adopted children and their family by continuing the collaboration with the Gyeonggi branch of Holt Children’s Services Inc. The artist hopes her work to be a meaningful gift for adopted children who would have it as a lasting memory when they visit someday.
Senior Project –In the Mood for Love – This project was conducted around one charming senior citizen. The artist first met elderly women at the museum by conducting photography and video work. They were older than she expected, and they had had a quite hard and tough life. Although their situation continued, they told their stories truthfully. During this time the artist found out that Mrs. Lee Geumrae had wanted to open a flower shop in the past. She lost her husband when young, so she had to work at a textile factory for her children and could not open the shop. The artist could not even imagine how difficult this woman’s life could be but she saw her always with a happy and active attitude. Thinking that she wanted to present a flower shop to her, the artist came up with an idea of inviting Mrs. Lee to the Scent of Broqpa project. On the day of shooting, Mrs. Lee put on make up and prepared several costumes; the artist saw that a flower bloomed on her face on that day. Then, the artist also worked with six elderly women in June and July. The colorful and somewhat tatty flower patterned blouse that they wore went together somehow with the artist’s concept. The artist smiled when looking at them having a big smile. They were always complaining but the artist knew that they were shyly sitting like girls. They were really like a girl with a big smile in the photos. For the artist, it would be difficult to understand their life, lasting twice longer than her own, but she was sure that they bloomed at that moment. The project aims to give the beautiful moment of life to elderly people who stand in front of death for “in the mood of love”.
Multi Culture Project – The artist conducted this project with multi-cultural families in Seongnam in May 2017. By doing so, the artist wanted to talk about the beauty of who they are although they have different skin colors.
Different Age Groups – There is no woman who does not like a flower. By putting flowers in the hair of middle and elderly men and women who once enjoyed their youth, the artist gave them a new birth for a moment. The artist believes that her hope for happiness for today’s neglected classes might gradually gain power and a history through her projects.

Sceint of Broq-pa 05312018
photography, 40X60inch,2018
4000$-limited edition 15
Scent of Broq-pa 08082019
photography, metal print, 24X24inch,2019
900$-limited edition 15
Scent of broq-pa 04262019
photography, metal print, 24X30inch, 2019
1000$ -limited edition 15
Scent of Broq-pa 12052019
photography, 20X27 inch,2019
930$ -limited edition 15
Sceint of Broq-pa 05312018
photography, 40X60inch,2018
4000$ -limited edition 15
Artist Bio

Ziesook You has been experimenting with a variety of genres such as photography, video, installation, and painting.

She portrays her surroundings and daily life in a bold, unaffected video language. Her pieces include the video diary of her family using time flowing methods, a documentary film taken in various world travel sites depicting space and time, and 10 Years Self-Portrait using time compression techniques. She has exhibited Korea, Australia, Iceland, Taiwan, Hungary, Japan, France, the Netherlands and the United States.

Since 2016, she has been working on the "Scent of Broq-pa" project, which expresses happiness through the coexistence of humans and nature, with people from various walks of life and has been exhibiting it in Korea, Hong Kong and the United States.

Her work prefers continuous series in which layers accumulate over a long period of time, examining time, space, nature and life.

 She earned a master’s degree in fine art, and taught contemporary art and video art and techniques at universities and graduate schools from 2006 to 2014.

 From 1999 to 2018, she participated in various studio activities including residency programs. He participated in a number of exhibitions and had nine individual exhibitions in Korea. She is currently working at her studio in Dallas area and is participating in exhibitions in several cities in Texas, South Carolina and California.

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