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professionally trained and practicing as an architect, I have also been producing art inspired by physics, mathematics and geometry, the foundation of my artwork.

abstract art characterized by dynamic, angular geometries, contrasting shapes, overlapping polychromatic polygons, vibrant colors, sharp lines, and graphics elements.

derived from the application of mathematical formulas and geometric principles, it expresses concepts like speed, movement, energy, reflecting the changing, unstable characteristics of nature, as well as the fragmentation, uncertainty and undeterminability of life.

technically these compositions are influenced by Futurism, Rayonism, Constructivism, Suprematism, but take inspiration from comics, graphic design, diagrams and photographs of particle collisions and electron microscopy.

through continuous artistic research and development, and by learning/experimenting with different techniques, methods and tools, the art has evolved, becoming less rigid, less systematic, but more intuitive, gestural, fluid, and it is created by experimenting with figure-ground relationship, proportions, harmony, contrast, overlaps, layers, movement, and by analyzing and altering the behavior of colors, fields, shapes, lines and segments.

searching for alternative methods to generate forms, shapes and whole compositions has in recent years also become an area of interest and a major effort.

this has led to studying, analyzing and redefining - through interpretative sketching done in situ, in museums and churches - gothic art, medieval frescos, portraits from the 16th century and abstract figurative art of some of the 20th century masters, as a way to find new, hidden geometries and the relationships that make these compositions.

reinterpreting these works – by means of geometrical and chromatic reduction, simplification and other manipulations – constitutes an alternative method to generate new compositions.

all my artwork, despite which diverse approaches it originates from, shares many common stylistic traits and characteristics, and belongs to a broad style I identify as "polychromatic fragmentism".

but many compositions are simply the result of a “natural”, logical evolution/derivation of previous work. I often refer to my compositions as “transient” systems, because many of them are in fact a “snapshot” of a phase of a constantly evolving, impossible to complete system, at a specific time. these are an attempt to represent the invisible elements and hidden forces that shape the universe and nature, governed by randomness, chance and probability.

all these approaches are like mechanisms utilized for forms generation: elimination and alteration, destruction, (re)building and transformation, layering and all sorts of operations to manipulate and experiment with figure-ground relationships, proportions, harmony, contrast, overlaps, and to analyze and alter the behavior of colors, forms, fields, lines and segments.

I find acrylic to be the medium that best expresses my ideas and theories. however, I also work with colored pencils and pastels, pen, markers and collage. I also extensively utilize the computer to generate patterns, shapes and compositions, and to alter/enhance paintings and drawings.

interference-derived continuous chromogeometric mutations – state 001
digital composition/digital alteration of acrylic on canvas composition
chromogeometric fragmented interference (from superimposed reductions) 001 - study 07
acrylic, painted paper, painted trace paper, printed paper, printed trace paper and paper cut-outs on corrugated cardboard
sistema policromatico fluido-frammentato 001 (chromofragmentism 004 – study)
colored pencils, wax pastels, charcoal, markers, painted and printed paper and tracing paper and paper cut-outs on newsprint paper
eigencomposition 14
acrylic on canvas
linear transformation 02 - alternate 02
acrylic on rusted steel plate
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