Margaret Gonzales-United States-San Diego

Full Name
Margaret Gonzales
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United States
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San Diego
Artist Statement

Left brain vs. right brain, creativity vs. logic, I live my life wedged between both and my art is a direct reflection of that. I find that in most aspects of my life, I use a mix of logic and creativity to produce positive outcomes. The pieces I create are a culmination of both. While much of my work has aspects of whimsy and spontaneity, they also have some form of realism and calculated design showcasing the rivalry and balance I experience in everyday life. My pieces often feature electric colors and a sense of surrealism while the subjects are almost always scientifically exact. Combining that sense of whimsy and my love of wildlife, I create work that makes people smile and fall in love with our planet in a whole new way.

Artist Bio

My name is Margaret L. Gonzales and I am a self-taught, wildlife conservation artist from San Diego, CA. From graphite to paint, colored pencils to clay, I grew up experimenting with new mediums. I have been creating art for so long I truly can't remember when it all began. I do remember as assignment in kindergarten where we draw an ice cream cone stand and I enjoyed it so much I drew it over and over. I drew it so many times that I can replicate it to this day. I also remember my first and only 'lesson' on realism. While waiting at the dreaded dentist’s office, my grandmother showed me how to navigate the anatomy of a face. I soon realized that I could draw anything I could see by breaking it into strategic sections and that’s when I became interested in graphite realism.

My career began with commissioned graphite portraits of friends and family’s pets and children. Eventually I realized I was missing a major passion of mine, color. At this point I tried to continue to create portraits in new colorful mediums but still hadn’t found my niche. It wasn’t until I began creating for myself, rather than commissions, that I found my true passion, wildlife!

My current body of work is comprised of elements of realism with a pop of electric color. With what is going on in our oceans today, I can’t get my mind out of the water and most of my work is inspired by marine life. I grew up in the waters of San Diego and spent my summers at the Zoo and Aquarium. Nature has always been a huge part of my life and in today's time, conservation is in the forefront of my mind. My art has given me a fantastic opportunity to start that conversation with the public in a positive light and recently it has given me the opportunity to contribute monthly to protecting our planet and all of it’s inhabitants.

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