Thomas Morgan-United States-Toluca Lake

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Thomas Morgan
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United States
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Toluca Lake
Artist Statement

I've been an observer in California for more than half my life. My cameras have been my companions. The constancy of light and the vastness of open space in the Golden State at once elevates our spirit while exposing undeniable truths of that which surrounds us: hard, dry land and lush forests; mansions and tumbledown row houses; endless beauty, endless sprawl. Humanity. Silence. I'm always reaching for these ideals, and I may even arrive at them someday. In the meantime, I share my photographs with you.

Midnight parking lot, Hollywood, California.
The Mysteries of Love
Late-night street, Pasadena, California.
You're Almost Near Me
Park bench in Descanso Gardens, La Canada-Flintridge, California.
Jim Casy Was Here
Winter pasture in Kern Count, California.
Kern County Highway
Rural road, Kern County, California
Artist Bio

My parents gave me a wonderful Yashica MAT 124G medium format camera as a high school graduation gift in the 1985. It was an unconventional camera--boxy, twins lens, strange-looking, took roll film, which was hard to find in Keene, New Hampshire. Indeed, the most popular format at the time was 35mm. But nothing could compare to the image quality and simplicity: it was the perfect camera on which to begin learning photography. And I've been a photographer and contrarian ever since.

Like many of us, I've moved on to work mostly in digital. This was practical decision based on reality. And while I agree that nothing can supplant print film, digital allows for greater expression.

I've exhibited in California, Oregon, and New York. And I continue to shoot cinematic portraiture and fine art landscapes.

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